Recognising the double jeopardy of Covid-19 and mental health

Recognising the double jeopardy of Covid-19 and mental health

Since early 2020 COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on frontline Healthcare workers and their families. Statistics show that 56% of healthcare workers who succumb to Covid-19 are nurses. We should never forget the sacrifice these healthcare heroes provide every day. If it isn’t the virus taking lives, it’s mental health. Mental health has become a major focal point in recent years and even more so during the pandemic. With issues such as depression and other mental health issues, one can develop or highlight underlying health issues which play a big part in recovery and dealing with the passing of loved ones during the pandemic.

Recently, the HcwHeroes Memorial, honoured Prof. Dan Mkize. It is with sadness that we bid farewell to his wife, Mrs Lungiswa Patience Mkize as well. She was a retired psychiatric nurse with a passion for mental health and helping those who suffer from mental health conditions. She also left behind her 3 children, Dr Lwazi Mkize, Lindelwa and Zamakhize. Mrs Mkize was admitted to ICU soon after her husband’s passing and highlights the importance of honouring every single healthcare hero.

Nurses like Mrs Mkize are all honoured by the HcwHeroes Memorial and deserve our recognition. We also need to support those who are still out there on the front lines providing excellent healthcare for all.

The Healthcare Workers Heroes Memorial Foundation honours all healthcare heroes who have passed during the COVID-19 pandemic, regardless of their profession or circumstances. However, it is so important to also highlight the impact of mental health of our healthcare workers and their families.

Mental health plays a big role during events like the pandemic as mental health issues can increase other health risks due to the mental and physical toll taken by those afflicted. Mental health should not be ignored and those who suffer from depression and other mental health issues need our support as well.

HcwHeroes Memorial can be found at and you can also donate to the foundation to help support these individuals and their families.

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